Injury strikes UFC 150

By Josh Reese

As Justin Lawrence and Max Holloway signed to fight at UFC 150, The UFC announced a new match-up. Luiz Cane suffered an injury and is now out against Yushin Okami, and now stepping in is Rousimar Palhares. Palhares will keep the match-up Japan v Brazil in tact. Okami v Palhares should be part of the UFC 150 main card on PPV.

Okami (26-7), one of the best fighters to come out of Japan is 1-1 against the greatest Middleweight ever in Anderson Silva all be it the win was a DQ by Silva due to an illegal upkick he can still claim he beat the spider. His most recent fight came in his home country of Japan at UFC 144 against Tim Boetsch, after winning the first two rounds Boetsch came from behind to TKO Okami and pull of the big upset.

Palhares (14-4) mr leg ripper is a BJJ black belt, and a sliver medalist in the ADCC Submission Wrestling World Championship. 99.99999 percent of time if he grabs a leg its goodnight. Enter Alan Belcher, Palhares’s most recent opposition went to the ground and was able to escape a few leg locks before TKO’ing Palhares.

Both men coming off a loss and both are looking for a win to get back in to the Middleweight picture. FightMatrix has Palhares ranked at 21 and Okami at 16.

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