Hector Lombard to the UFC

By Josh Reese

The world’s biggest promotion the UFC just got a little bit bigger today, adding Hector Lombard to its already huge family. If you are unfamiliar with Hector’s work his last loss came in 2006 to Gegard Mousasi in Pride. He is a veteran of some of the biggest promotions on the planet Pride, Cage Fighting Championship, and Bellator. Hector is very respectful 31-2-1 and is considered one of the most dangerous men that were on the Bellator roster, compiling 7 finishes in 8 fights with Bellator.


He has already beating a handful of current or former UFC fighters. Hector is Cuban born fighter, and a 4th degree black belt in Judo, also a member of the 2000 Cuban Olympic team. Hector today confirmed via his twitter page just saying “I am in the UFC it is official :)” No doubt he is excited, and so should you he is a beast and could be a future champion (someday)


View the video below and check out a Hector Lombard and see if you think the UFC will be improved with Hector!

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