FNM Poll Results – UFC Lightweight Championship

First of all, we here at Fat Ninja Media would like to thank all of those who voted on the latest poll which was who will win the UFC Lightweight Title at UFC 144. It was the highest voted poll to date.

The UFC Lightweight Title match up will see champion, Frankie Edgar defending for the 4th time against former WEC champion, Ben Henderson.

In the poll we asked who would win and how they would win. Below are the final results.:

Frankie Edgar by Decision – 43% of the votes
Ben Henderson by TKO/KO – 31% of the votes
Ben Henderson by Decision – 11% of the votes
Ben Henderson by Submission – 9% of the votes
Frankie Edgar by TKO/KO – 6% of the votes
Frankie Edgar by Submission – 0% of the votes

Frankie Edgar by decision may show the highest percentage of votes however, if you add it all up Ben Henderson received the majority of the votes. With the overall votes combined, Ben Henderson received 51% of the votes and Frankie Edgar ended up with 49%. Overall, it was very close which may be a sign of things to come as to how this fight will go as well.

Make sure you tune in tonight for what has the makings to be the best fight of 2012 and possibly one of the greatest fights you will ever see.

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