Fights to make after UFC on FOX 5

By Josh Reese

So the FOX 5 card was a pretty banging card, we saw Henderson keep his belt and two fighters on the edge of title fight as well as an immortal welterweight ride the winning roller coaster! Below are fights that just have to be made, let me know what you think!

Benson Henderson (18-2) Well now that Frankie dropped to FW, I feel like we gotta wait for Gilbert Melendez (21-2) to come over from Strikeforce and give Melendez a chance. I know Melendez was thinking about a run at FW had Nate Diaz won the belt but now that point is moot. The LW division is great and packed 15-5 but it lacks the top of the top number one contenders.

Nate Diaz (16-8) Well, what can you say about the Diaz brothers. Just like in football they are like a great offensive that stalls in the redzone, they just can’t punch it in to the endzone….. Both had a chance at the belt and both looked frustrated about how to get past the task at hand. Keeping with the Strikeforce theme how about Josh Thomson (19-5-1) he is coming off a loss to a Strikeforce champion, so I’m down for this…

Alexander Gustafsson (15-1) Number one contender… Who cares??? Guss don’t care, he just wants to fight… Ok I am down with that, you got to love a guy that just wants to say busy. If you really, really, really want a number one contender then how about the winner of Quinton Jackson vs. Glover Teixeira sign me up Jack!

Rory MacDonald (14-1) So he can beat up a old BJ Penn hell now a days who wouldn’t? But its still a win and he keeps racking them up, he wants a re-match with Carlos Condit. Unfortunately more often then not, if you win your fight someone else that wins. Condit lost so he is going to get someone else that lost. So in my mind a match with MacDonald vs. Johny Hendricks would be awesome but I don’t see it yet, so MacDonald vs. Jake Ellenberger (28-6) would be rocking!

Matt Brown (16-11) Is Matt Brown really on a 4 fight win streak, who is this guy? Well he is knocking on the door of being for real, so I smell a fight with the winner or Mike Pierce vs. Seth Baczynski and then who ever comes out top has now really earned the right to fight a top 10 guy next!

Mike Swick (15-5) Didn’t look horribly bad in the fight with Brown, he just got caught it happens to everyone…. Give me Swick vs. Paulo Thiago (14-5) I’m down for that…

I did not feel like giving future opponents for Shogun Rua or BJ Penn I feel these two guys need to ride off in to the sunset, there is not need to see these guys fight again. The game has past them by….

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