Fedor downs Rizzo in Round 1

By Josh Reese

Fedor Emelianenko did what he was supposed to, and beat Pedro Rizzo. St. Petersburg, Russia was the home of the M1 card and even the Russian President was on hand to witness the bout. Fedor dispatched Rizzo in 1:24 seconds via a TKO. The man who once owned a 9 year unbeaten streak has now left us wondering will this be the last time we see him fight again?

Fedor has now won 3 in a row away from StrikeForce. Twitter exploded following his win with people asking, begging Dana and the UFC for a Randy Couture vs Fedor match up which is about as likely as me dating Brittney Spears. If we do see Fedor back in the states it would only be in StrikeForce to close out the Heavyweight division. Josh Barrett vs Fedor match would be very entraining and give Fedor a real fight to close out his career on a high note.

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