Edgar vs. Aldo

By Josh Reese

So if you remember Frankie Edgar was very insistent “I am not moving down to 145” then after a second loss to Benson Henderson he relaxed his stance. We all wondered why oh why Frankie, he was a top 155er. After 2 shots at the title he must have come to the realization with Dana White that a 3rd title shot no matter how warranted was nowhere in sight.

So the move to 145 was made, and with fewer “real” contenders for Jose Aldo it seemed a date with Frankie Edgar was unavoidable. UFC 153 was supposed to be the home for Jose Aldo vs. Erik Koch, as much as fans did not want this matchup fans get their wish Koch did just not have the wow factor that some other fighters had. Well fans just got their wish and Koch is out suffering an injury during training camp and now steps the former 155 champ Edgar to take on Aldo in a semi short notice.

Aldo (21-1) will come in to this fight with Edgar riding an insane win streak, he has not been beaten since 2005 which is also his only loss. Edgar (14-3-1) yes it is true that in his last 4 fights, he only has one win but you can make a case that he never lost any of those fights.

As Frankie Edgar goes down a weight class after this fight we could see Jose Aldo go up a weight class, Dana White has wanted this fight for more than a little while now and he now gets his wish. The number 1 Featherweight vs. the number 3 Lightweight.

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