Don’t Blame Jon Jones For UFC 151

By Montique David

Since the moment Zuffa Brass (AKA Dana White) decided to cancel UFC 151, Jon Jones has been the man taking all of the blame. However is all of the blame warranted?

Well the first thing we need to understand is that Jon Jones did not Cancel UFC 151- Zuffa did. The reason they did that is because they failed to come up with a co-main event that lives up to the billing. The purpose of the co-main event is that if something happens where the main event can’t go on, the replacement fight can slide right into that spot. Take UFC 147 for instance. It was supposed to be a spectacle of monumental purportions- Silva vs Sonnen II inside of a Brazilian Soccer stadium. The rest is history. Circumstances lead the main event to be moved to UFC 148, and the show went on with the co-main event of Wanderlei Silva vs Rich Franklin headlining the new UFC 147.

So why couldn’t the show go on here? That part is simple. Jake Ellenberger vs. Jay Hieron isn’t exactly Wanderlei vs. Franklin. With that said, Jon Jones doesn’t book co-main event fights. Zuffa does.

Yes, without Jon Bones Jones, it made very little sense for the UFC 151 event to go on as a pay per view. The co-main event and undercard was light on name value and because of that, the show could not go on. This also is not Jon Jones’ fault because he doesn’t book fight cards. Only the hardcore MMA fans could look at that card and know who half of the main card fighters were. Again, not Jon’s fault.

Bones was thoughtful enough to even consider paying the fighters out of his own pocket, which he ultimately decided against.

So if you woke up on Saturday September 1 sour because you didn’t get your Jon Jones fight, don’t blame Jon Jones. There’s one person and one person only to blame for it all. That man is the man who called for the event to be canceled. His name is Dana White.

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