David Rickels v Karl Amoussou Bellator 69

By Josh Reese

Rickels v Amoussou got -down tonight for the right to fight Bryan Baker for a 10th of a million dollars, and the shot at the Bellator belt, currently held by undefeated Ben Askren.

Round one opened with a heavy kick by Amoussou, followed by a kick to Amoussou from Rickles…. But just a little lower then any kick to a man should be. When we came back to the show, Amoussos looked like he was shot out of a cannon as Amoussou worked three power takedowns in the round. Rickels looking a bit lost at times, Amoussou able to get in to top position at will and with seconds left in the 1st Amoussou landed some serious ground and pound and a leg lock attempt. Amoussou 10-9

Rickels down a round came out the aggressor, early in the round but once again Amooussou worked a trip and was in top position. After stalling on the ground the ref ordered the fight back up, after trading Amoussou used a flying knee to get Rickels to the fence. Amoussou wanting no part of Rickels stand up worked another trip and was once again in top position. Rickles from his back latched on to a arm of Amoussou, as Rickels cranked on it Amoussou picked him up twice and slammed him to the ground while Rickles was still attached. Rickles 10-9

Once again Rickels kicked Amoussou south of the border and time was called. Rickles again started to trade when the fight was back on and once more Amoussou got a takedown, only this time Rickels after a quick scramble worked his way to the top position. Rickels while in Amoussou’s guard was able to work his ground and pound and keep Amoussou on his back the rest of the fight. Rickels 10-9

My view Rickels 29-28
Judges 29-28 Rickels , 29-28 Amoussou and 29-28 Amoussou

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