Dana White’s Aldo Drama

By Josh Reese

The drama that wasn’t, after the UFC 157 card was over and the post-fight press conference was over. Dana White held a media scrum were reporters from around the world gather to pick White’s brain on topics ranging from why was Jon Fitch cut all the way to what kind of cereal does White eat, and anything and everything in between. White used his time with the media’s ear to drop a little bit of breaking news on the gathered media. While answering a question about Ronda Rousey he then did a 180 turn and drops this “Jose Aldo said there is no way in hell I’ll fight Pettis”. White later went on to state that the fight would happen or Aldo would not like the consequences.

Which of course started the media firestorm with people begging to know why? It was learned that Aldo and his camp said that they did not think that Anthony Pettis earned a shot at the belt against the great Jose Aldo. The when people dug in to the meat of Aldo’s camp complaint it became more vexing, Aldo just recently fought Frankie Edgar who deserved a title shot almost as much as Nick Diaz earned a title shot with Georges St Pierre.

So then days after White single handedly started the blaze it was just as quickly put out when late last night it was announced that indeed the fight was still on and with a win Aldo will be giving an automatic shot at the Lightweight belt.

This news indeed is big news for the Bantamweight, Featherweight, and Lightweight division. The current interim champ at Bantamweight wants to fight at Featherweight but is blocked by his teammate Aldo at Featherweight. So if Aldo goes up it would free Renan Barao to go up to his normal weight class of Featherweight…..

This is the year of the superfights!! Jose Aldo and Frankie Edgar (Kinda) Nick Diaz and Georges St-Pierre (Not really) Jon Jones or GSP and Anderson Silva (Hell yes!) Jose Aldo and Benson Henderson (Sure) Renan Barao and Cub Sawson or Chan Sung Jung (Sure) which would finally leave Dominic Cruz and Urijah Faber (Not really) all those fights could end up happening towards the end of 2013, so while we have been teased for a long time for huge fights this is the year that tease will final be met.

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