Dana White is No Hypocrite

By Josh Reese

So we all have been wondering why Dana White is being a hypocrite on his dislike of UFC fighters getting injured while riding on a Motorcycle but yet still giving them away as prizes for the winner of TUF and now the winner of UFC 155’s Heavyweight title fight either Dos Santos or Velasquez will receive a Motorcycle as well.

After the UFC 155 pre fight press conference Dana White shared his thoughts and the differences on why he disagrees with some (Jose Aldo) but approves of others. After spending some time talking about injuries White opened up about why he disapproves of Aldo’s choice of transportation. “You don’t want it to be your means of transportation, epically in Brazil” White said. “Brazil is the one place on earth you don’t want to ride fu*king motorcycle” White went on. White described chaotic events in Brazil with people on two wheels weaving in and out of traffic missing accidents by mere inches.

He went on to sum up his thoughts on the issue by saying he has no problem with guys taking out bikes for leisure, but you can’t use a motorcycle as the only way you can get around… Especially if your name is Jose Aldo and you don’t have to worry about money..

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