Coalition Fight Music signs Jens Pulver

Coalition Fight Music announced today the group has finalized a
sponsorship package for former UFC Lightweight Champion Jens “Little Evil” Pulver.
Pulver joins a growing list of high-profile celebrity fighters the band has backed
including Nick and Nate Diaz as well as former Strike Force Welterweight Champion
Jake Shields.

Terms of the deal include an official walkout track “Where Would I Be” (Jens Pulver
Mix) available now on in addition to exclusive artwork of the PRIDE
veteran and fan favorite for t-shirts, posters and other merchandise.

Jens Pulver says: “I fought to change my name, I fought to break the cycle. Where would
I be if I held on to the pain of child abuse… where are you?”

Tony Savo says: “Me and the boys couldn’t be prouder, Jens is an icon to millions of
fight fans around the world. Championship fights, ground breaking documentaries, even
video games, Jens has done it all and now he’s reppin the (CFM) bird”

Widely regarded within the mixed martial arts community as the “kings of fight music”
CFM made a name for themselves by profit-sharing with professional fighter’s revenues
generated by custom walkout songs the group develops. Earlier this year the band made
headlines when they announced they had locked a new telecoms deal for MMA with
Samsung Mobile. For more information visit and support
Jens by downloading “Where Would I Be” (Jens Pulver Mix)

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