Catching up with Will Campuzano

By Josh Reese

Legacy Fighting Championship is having a Flyweight title fight July 13th between Will Campuzano and Chad Robichaux one man will be king of the Flyweights, at least in south Texas. Robichaux is 14-2 and a former United States Marine. Campuzano at 10-4 has been at the big show (UFC, WEC) but is only 1-4 in those organizations. He is currently undefeated at his natural weight class of Flyweight, and with the UFC adding a Flyweight class he could find himself back one day. “Giving 20lbs on fight night is never a wise move” Campuzano told us in reference to his losses in the WEC, and UFC.

With just 2 weeks left the hard part about camp is done, with the easy part left remaining, staying healthy. Campuzano has already felt the effects of the injury bug. He was scheduled to first fight Steve Garcia at LFC 12 but an injury to Garcia forced him from the card, lucky for Campuzano that when the injury happened he had yet to start camp. He was able to devote all his time getting ready for Robichaux rather than spending time getting ready for Garcia.

Robichaux has once retired before after his 1st 2 losses of his career he called it quits, only to return to fighting 10 months later. Campuzano vows to make him remember why he quit “ I’m coming fast and furious but without the gunz and cartel, he’s gonna remember why he called it quits”

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