Catching up with Joseph Sandoval

Joseph Sandoval formerly of Shark fights and the UFC, is now on to Legacy fights looking to somewhat remake himself.  Sandoval who went 6-0 for Shark fights received his call to the big leagues, In a recent conversation with Sandoval I asked if he felt the competition at Shark fights prepared him for the UFC. “I do feel like fighting for Shark fights prepared (myself) for the competition in the UFC.” Although he noted he was not ready for the lights and camera’s involved with the UFC.


After getting the call from the UFC he recalled thanking it was a prank, “I was thinking it was a really mean joke from my coach (Eric Bighead Davila) and my manager (Brian Hamper)”. “I was kinda like, you don’t play with someone about something like that, that’s a big achievement.” In the end neither coach nor manager were playing and after two long weeks of waiting he was able to tell the world about his achievement!


After 2 disappointing losses to Walel Watson in 2011 and Nick Denis this past January for a total 1:39 seconds between the two bouts his UFC dream was over. He wasn’t surprised getting the news of his release “how many people in the UFC do you really know besides BIG names that got two losses and get to stay” Sandoval added. After being released by the UFC he never wavered of his want to fight, and his commitment to continue to train.


Not much has changed this camp compared to his pervious, but he has learned what he has been doing wrong and through trial and error looks to  be a better fighter.  No doubt Sandoval is looking to regain top form that had once captured the eyes of UFC brass, and he will get his chance against heady vet Chad Robichaux once the owner of a 11 fight win streak, like his counterpart is now the possessor of a 2 fight losing streak. May 11 is when the fight will go down, but which man will end his losing streak?



Joseph would like to thank

Coach Eric Bighead Davila, his wife Gigi for the training a support, his Sandoval familia, the Bighead familia, my kids, my beautiful Nessa , and YOU the fans.

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