Catching up with Henry Martinez

By Josh Reese

We caught up with Henry Martinez after his win over Bernardo Magalhaes via a spit decision at UFC on FX 3. Henry was gracious enough to share his thoughts with us, we wanted to know if the fight went as expected. “ Not exactly, I wanted to KO him but I knew I couldn’t just go in and swing for the fences with him like I did with Matthew Riddle” he said.

Being a fill in fighter against Riddle in his first fight he really had nothing to lose, but going 0-2 was not an option, with a fear of losing solely on points again he was forced to watch out for the take downs. “Ultimately I lost that fight (Against Riddle with his takedowns) and that is not a risk I could take in this particular fight.” “I could have also taken him down and try to work for some G&P or a submission but I wanted that KO” Martinez shared.

Dana White after the fight had some harsh words for the prelim fighters saying that “Prelims sucked” Martinez told us, “I don’t want my fights to be viewed as sucking, especially by the boss himself, but I also don’t want to be cut.” “It’s a fine line to walk and being a new comer to the organization I’m still learning to walk that line correctly.” “I’m not quite happy with my fight but I am happy I won.”

White may not have liked the fight, but with the pressure the fighters are under its understandable about, the just wanting to survive feeling. The fight was originally ruled a unanimous decision for Martinez, but was later changed to a split decision in favor of Martinez. “Proof is in that his face was marked up and mine was not. No bruises nothing.” “Not saying he didn’t hit me at all but I felt in control the whole time.” “Every single one of his takedowns I stuffed and he had absolutely nothing when he grabbed my leg” Martinez said.

Point being the judging and the referees were 10 times worse than normal. As a company man he has fought at 170, 155 but for his next fight he wants to go back to his normal weight class at 145. “145 is where I belong.” Martinez said. He remained injury free in this fight and is ready to go whenever the UFC is ready for him

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