Catching up with Ashley Cummins

By Josh Reese


April 28th mean anything to you? It should it’s the date Invicta FC1 takes place, the start of women’s MMA or at least the start of people taking it more seriously. If Ronda v Tate was the Neil Armstrong small step, then Invicta could be the giant leap. Ashley Cummins is one of the women on the card, and if you know who Ashley is that could be a bad thing.


Ashley is a Police Officer on the night shift in St Louis, MO so you could be a bad guy if you have met her before, but after this fight she hopes you will remember her for now on. Invicta FC1 is going to be streamed live on their website. Ashley turned pro in November, and hopes the exposer will provide her with more of a name in the WMMA world. Ashley takes her jobs (police and fighter) very seriously.


She works nights, sleeps during the day and works out before work, it’s an insane schedule to keep. She is able to focus one zillion percent on training when a fight nears, lucky for her family is understanding about her passion to be great. So you might ask what turns a girl, from sweet girl to a fighter. I asked Ashley that same question and this is what she came back at me with.


“I grew up playing soccer and competing in tae kwon do.The only thing I liked about tae kwon do was sparring and I would always get kicked out of soccer games for fighting on the field with the other team. I always knew I wanted to be a fighter. In high school I wanted to wrestle and do kickboxing but my parents would not let me because they did not want me to get hurt. Once I was a freshman in college I started training MMA and fell in love with it instantly. I loved it so much I gave up my college soccer scholarship so I would have more time to focus on MMA and I have been training ever since.”


Before turning pro in November she racked up 8 wins as an amateur and went undefeated, as a pro she is 2-0. She is a goal person and is looking to get in to the top 10 in the 115 division. So you must check her out this Saturday!

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