Brian “Mr. D” Davidson “I would fight anyone at 135”

By Josh Reese

JAN 18, 2013 RFA 6 will take place and Brian “Mr. D” Davidson (10-3) will be looking for his 6th straight win, he will be matched up with a familiar fighter he has once fought before. Kevin Croom (6-4) gave “Mr. D” one of his 3 losses, losing in Bellator to a Rear-Naked Choke in the 2nd round. After that loss he picked up a win and then walked away from the game. It took a phone call from Titan to bring him back “I didn’t even think twice about it, to me it was a great chance to see if I was legit or not.” referring to his fight with the former UFC champion. 4 mins and 4 seconds later Davidson walked away with his “Sweetest victory to date” the sub against former UFC Champ Jens Pulver, and since then he has been a man on a mission.

He is on the lookout for a UFC contract and with a convincing win will he be on the radar? At 37 years old logic would say no, but Davidson hasn’t been fighting in MMA since he was 18 and taken a lot of pounding like a lot of kids now. Davidson started at 30 and with only 13 pro fights under his belt he for sure has lots of fights left. He has tossed out a challenge to the UFC and the bantamweight division “I would fight anyone at 135 to get in and on short notice” Davidson said.

That’s anybody in the division on any notice, a month notice, one week, hell it even seems if Dana White called him and said be here in hour you bet your dollar Davidson would be there before White hung up the phone. You can tell he has the fire and the want, he just needs the shot. “I sometimes feel like I could be the next Randy Couture” Davidson shared, and why not he is fighting at a high level and is showing no signs of slowing down. A guy with a background in BJJ, Krav Maga and Taekwondo and he is exciting to have in the Octagon. As a happily married, Christian dad you can bet your paycheck he won’t be caught bringing a bad light to the UFC he will do it the right way. Brian Davidson is like any young starry eyed kid with the dream to make it to the UFC, and with a few more wins age be dammed he will be there! Sean Shelby, Dana White or whoever will listen give this kat a chance to prove he belongs!

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