Benson Henderson: Worst champ ever?

By Josh Reese

So sitting here rocking out to some AC/DC a question came to my mind. Is Lightweight Champ Benson Henderson the worst champion ever?? I am not going to say Henderson is worse or better then some of the early champions who have graced the Octagon. Mainly cause in this world its really about the hear and now, I will give him this, he is the most solid champion the UFC has had recently with his kindness, honesty, faith and overall sweetness it seems he oozes.

When looking at all the belts the UFC hands out, all the way from the newly minted women’s Bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey to the baddest man on earth (Heavyweight champion) Cain Velasquez. Henderson is really just an after thought, and thats insane right??? How can a champion be thought of so little.

The UFC has plans for a men’s 115 pound division and one day could bring over more women’s division and yet if Henderson is still champion he’d still be an after thought. For a Lightweight champion riding a 6 fight win streak including 2 title defenses he just seems so blah for the best fighter in the division. The Lightweight division is home to arguably the best fighters in the world and yet its champion is someone we could careless for.

I think we really miss former champion Frankie Edgar, Edgar was exciting and put his heart on the line every fight. Plus in the fights he had with Henderson you couldn’t say either way who won the fights but Edgar always seemed liked he was the one who fought harder while Henderson like his namesake fought well “smooth” it was more the judges gave him the fights then Henderson won the fights.

This Saturday he fights Gilbert Melendez a great fighter in his own right and if he is able to best Melendez what is next for the champion dub’d “smooth” and while we wait for the fight this weekend we will remain sadden that poor Henderson needs an epic finish or amazing fight to help himself be more respected as a champion

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