Antonio McKee Stripped Of MFC Lightweight Title

By: Mike Thorwart
Photo By: MFC

Mark Pavelich, who is the President and CEO of Maximum Fighting Championships (MFC) has stripped Antonio McKee (26-4-2) of the MFC lightweight title. On top of that, after his fight tomorrow night, he no longer be employed by the MFC either.

Today at the MFC 32 weigh in’s, McKee weighed in seven pounds over weight for his title defense against Brian Cobb (19-6). He will still be meeting Brian Cobb tomorrow night, but the fight is now three rounds not five, it is no longer a title fight, and it’s McKee’s last fight in the MFC.

According the MFC website Pavelich stated:

“I am extremely disappointed and incredibly frustrated by the fact that McKee missed weight by such a ridiculous amount.” “That’s completely unacceptable, particularly for a fighter with the years’ of experience that he has in this sport.

“The MFC has taken his belt and he won’t ever wear it again.”

Pavelich was recently a guest on my show, Cage Talk and he expressed how ridiculous it was when the UFC allowed Anthony Johnson to still fight when he was 11 pounds overweight and we discussed that if the fight was in the states, it probably would have never been allowed to happen. At that point, Johnson had not been fired yet unlike McKee. I feel that Mark Pavelich is making a statement and setting a standard, and personally, I agree.

It was also announced that the winners of the Coy-Lima and Diego Bautista-Ryan McGillivray fights have been told that they will get a shot at the MFC welterweight title.

The full MFC 32 weigh in results are as follows:


Wilson Gouveia – 204

Dwayne Lewis – 205


Brian Cobb – 155.6*

Antonio McKee – 162**


Diego Bautista – 170

Ryan McGillivray – 171


Nathan Coy – 169

Dhiego Lima – 171


Jamie Toney – 169

Kyle Jackson – 170


James Haddad – 158***

Dan Ring – 154


Matt Jelly – 155

Garrett Nybakken – 155


Brendan Kornberger – 184.6

Allen Hope – 186

*Brian Cobb weighed one-half pound over 155 limit for lightweight title fight

**Antonio McKee weighed seven pounds over 155 limit for lightweight title fight and is stripped of his title

***James Haddad weighed two pounds over 155 limit for lightweight bout and loses 20% of his purse

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