Andreas Spang v Maiquel Falcao Bellator 69

By Josh Reese

When these guys stepped in the cage tonight, two things were decided the Middleweight tournament final 100,000 dollar winner, and who was going to take Alexander Shlemenko for the Bellator Middleweight championship

No feeling out needed for these two large Middleweights, Spang opened up and was the aggresser early and got Falcao a little weak legged but he was able to recover very quickly. As the two rolled in the clinch well on the fence Falcao worked a take down and had Spangs back. Falcao landed a illegal knee to the head of Spang, and time was called and Falcao was deducted a point. After the bout restarted Spang looked a little bit more energized landed some good shots, along with a crazy 10 second exchange by both on the fence. Spang 10-9

In round to the two started exchanging and Falcao was able to grab the neck and spin both of them down, Falcao got the back of Spang and tried to flatten him out, but Spang was able to resist. Inching himself to the cage Spang worked up to his feet but was once again taking down by Falcao, Spang not giving up worked himself up twice more but everytime he got up Falcao was ready to take him down. Falcao 10-9

Falco opened round three with another takedown, Spang worked back to the cage and back up. While standing Spang latched on to Falcao’s neck and while adding pressure Falcao rolled out of it. Falcao slipped out of Spang’s grasp and latched on to his back. Spang worked back to his feet again and was able to gain some separation and traded with Falco but the fight ended the same way it started. Spang 10-9

My view Spang 29-28
Judges 29-27 for Maiquel Falcao is your season 6 Middleweight tournament winner and will fight Alexander Shlemenko for the Middleweight belt

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