5 things we learned from UFC 156

By Josh Reese

1. It’s a death nail on your coffin if Dana says “You win you get a title shot”
Back to back card Michael Bisping lost a bid to fight Anderson Silva last week and now both Alistair Overeem and Rashad Evans both lost title shots as a result of their losses.

2. The Legend of Frankie Edgar, has died!

For so long we have seen this guy come back to wreck and finish guys and finish strong, but the new Edgar just builds to much of a hole that he can’t escape.

3. The Death of Strikeforce
Recent Strikeforce fights went 3-0 at this past event and in some cases came over on short notice, Tyron Woodley looking the best. On a side note I think it’s time we stop seeing Jay Hieron in the UFC 0-4 in all fights in the UFC

4. Demian Maia at 170 is nobody to mess with
At 185 Maia had some of the best ground game on the planet, at 170 he seems even better 3-0 since dropping down. GSP might have to start planning for Maia sooner rather than later.

5. Superfight??
It was billed as a Superfight and you know what it wasn’t that bad and with Aldo beating Edgar it will now lead to actual Superfights like Aldo vs. Pettis or Aldo vs. Henderson/Melendez

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